The Fifteenth Annual Right Coast Ride
July 7-9, 2006


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You want to aim for Oak Hill, West Viginia. Oak Hill is on US Route 19 about 15 miles north of Beckley. So map out a route to there, or use a suggestion below – it'll be hard to pick unfun roads for getting there.

From US 19 (either northbound or southbound) take the Main Street exit eastbound, which is also WV Route 16 North. Directly across from the BP gas station, turn left onto Minden Road (County Route 17), which will loop around and cross under Main Street. Just stay on the main road, following the signs to ACE, which is just under three miles from WV 16 at the end of Minden Rd.

GPS geeks might want to eschew maps and just head for 3758'04" N 8105'28" W (that's UTM 17 N 492008m E / 4202024m N), but be careful you don't end up on the other side of the New River Gorge; it's a long way to go around.


This space is under development. My intention is to share a few different interesting routes for getting to Oak Hill. Got a plan to share? Send it to me!

Slab Times

For those of you who are inclined to zip back home the fastest way possible, here are some on-the-road times and distances using expressways between Oak Hill and other cities:

City Distance Time (HH:MM)
Charlotte, NC 225 mi 3:40
Pittsburgh, PA 225 mi 4:00
Raleigh-Durham, NC 265 mi 4:15
Cleveland, OH 300 mi 5:00
Washington, DC 320 mi 5:10
Nashville, TN 445 mi 7:00
Atlanta, GA 465 mi 7:05
Detroit, MI 455 mi 7:20
Philadelphia, PA 460 mi 7:30
New York, NY 540 mi 8:35
Toronto, ON 540 mi 8:35
Chicago, IL 595 mi 9:30
Montgomery, AL 625 mi 9:30
Memphis, TN 660 mi 10:15
Tallahassee, FL 730 mi 11:45
Jackson, MS 760 mi 11:50
Boston, MA 750 mi 12:10
Ottawa, ON 765 mi 12:30
Montreal, QC 825 mi 12:50
New Orleans, LA 870 mi 13:30
Denver, CO
Why don't you Ride-n-Feeders
try an RCR some time?
1400 mi 21:35
Seattle, WA
And you WetLeather folks too.
2660 mi 40:20
Anchorage, AK 4200 mi 88:00

ACE says they're "within a day's drive of two thirds of the US population."

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