The Fifteenth Annual Right Coast Ride
July 7-9, 2006


As the event has happened, registration is obviously closed. This page remains for posterity.

  1. Figure out what you want to do about lodging and drinking.
  2. Email me your intentions. Give me the names of the people in your party, what your Cozy Cabin, Cabin Tent or self-tenting plan is, and how many beers you're good for. You'll also need to let me know if you wish to have a vegetarian meal. If you've got particular desires on the beer front, let me know.
  3. Calculate what it'll cost. The cost break down is:
    $240 for the cabin
    if you're reserving a cozy cabin
    $75 for the tent
    if you're reserving a cabin tent
    $22 per person
    if you're bringing your own tent
    $25 per person
    for the meals and non-alcoholic drinks,
    $1.50 per beer
    Please just make your best estimate.

    NOTE: The person who reserves a cabin is responsible for the entire cost of the cabin. If you place a deposit for a cabin, it's up to you to sort out payment arrangements from the other occupants.

  4. Pay me.

    You can either send a check for the appropriate amount to:

    David Lawrence
    186 S Bear Swamp Rd
    Middlesex VT 05602-9406

    or you can use PayPal to pay with a credit card or your own PayPal balance. If you choose this option, note that PayPal skims off 30 cents and 2.9% of the total per transaction, and in the end I'm just looking for reimbursement of actual costs as close as I could figure them. Specifically charging extra for this fee is prohibited by merchant agreements, so I can't really demand it even though I'm not a merchant for this, just a non-profiting facilitator who wants to cover his own costs. So it is optional to multiply your total by by 1.029 then add 30 cents to defer the added cost to me that the convenience of PayPal adds.

    If you send a check, don't forget to let me know it is coming. PayPal will automatically email me when payments are made.

  5. Subscribe to the RCR list by sending mail to with the single line:
    subscribe rcr YourFirstName YourLastName

Current Reservations

Cozy Cabins
Cabin Reserved By Occupants
1 David Lawrence David Lawrence
Jan Carico
Rachel Carico-Bair
Robin Alvarado
James Revell
2 Buz Armitage Buz Armitage
Wendy Armitage
Fred Sommer
3 Paul Mossip Paul Mossip
Emmanuelle Jaborska
4 Reto Lichtensteiger Reto Lichtensteiger
Suzan Czajkowski
5 Eric Blair Eric Blair
Bill Leavitt
Dave McElvain
Kristi McElvain
6 Mike DiTullio Mike DiTullio
Blake Johnson
Andy Donohue
Jon McKenney
(3 nights)
Martyn Wheeler Martyn Wheeler
Kit Ide
Rob Castro
Rob Feiman
8 Mark Bergman Mark Bergman
Meredith Bergman
Bill Jennings
Chris BeHanna
9 Dave Dunton Dave Dunton
Andy Ettinger
Rich Uznanski

Cabin Tents
Tent Reserved By Occupants
(3 nights)
John Hite John Hite
Mike Ragsdale
(3 nights)
Melanie Drake Melanie Drake
Tom Johnson
3 Mary Gibney Mary Gibney
4 Don Schoppe Don Schoppe
Bob Kurtz
5 Christine Clements Christine Clements
6 Sudha Pamidimukkala Sudha Pamidimukkala
Bill Granfield
Sam Longley
(3 nights)
Jon Ward Jon Ward
Rupert Galea

Self Tenting
Tim Atwood, Mark DiTullio, Ron Graff, Mike Lambert, Mike Ledoux, Paul Luevano, Scott Ruffner, Susan Shelor, Charlie Smith, Joe Wronski

Jaimie Graff, Laurie Seymour, Cliff Weston

The final attendee list sadly did not include Ron Graff or Mr. Bill, both of whom had to cancel at the last minute. Cliff was able to make it, and Buz's friend Mike Miller also showed up. That makes 54 attendees, and with the absence of Ian Howie and Mr. Bill, the Gang of Four has been reduced to a Gang of Two: me (Dave Lawrence) and Martyn Wheeler. Just remember Martyn, ultimately There Can Be Only One.

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