Doyle's Compilation: Listen At Your Own Risk

1.Beer Reel Big FishTurn off the Radio
2.Ghost Steel Pole Bath TubTwisted Willie Compilation
A Tribute to Willie Nelson
3.Corduroy The Wedding PresentsSea Monsters
4.Taller Buckets Hold More Sofa King KillerMidnight Magic
5.Hey YaSupersuckersunknown
6.Thorazine ShuffleModern Eunknown
7.The Slums The Detroit Cobrasunknown
8.Coffee Monkey The Bottle RocketsLeftovers
9.$10 Bill Cop Shoot CopAsk Questions Later
10.Shit Kicker Atomic BitchwaxAtomic Bitchwax
11.The Black Crow Songs: OhiaThe Lioness
12.Won't Apologize The BombIndecision
13.Drinking To You Gone Daddy FinchRight On!
14.Wait The KillsKeep Me On The Mean Side
15.Blacktop MungOff The Mark
16.Believe It SasquatchSasquatch
17.Last Drink Naked RaygunRaygun ... Naked ...
18.Drink To The DeadClutchPure Rock Fury

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