It's About Time

The Caer Llewys NEDoD CD 2010

Artist Title Album Time
Hans Zimmer Ashes to Ashes Black Hawk Down soundtrack 04:42
Hawkwind Assault and Battery (Part I) Warrior on the Edge of Time 05:36
Hawkwind The Golden Void (Part II) Warrior on the Edge of Time 04:38
Electric Light Orchestra Prologue Time 01:16
Electric Light Orchestra Twilight Time 03:42
Thomas Dolby Quantum Mechanic Gate to the Mind's Eye 05:09
Pete Townshend The Sea Refuses No River All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes 05:55
Rush High Water Hold Your Fire 05:33
Yes Into The Lens Drama 08:32
The Alan Parsons Project What Goes Up Pyramid 03:32
The Church Aura Priest = Aura 07:02
Apoptygma Berzerk Spindizzy Harmonizer 05:09
Shriekback Every Force Evolves a Form Sacred City 05:30
Covenant Greater Than The Sun Skyshaper 05:10
Information Society White Roses 1.0 Don't Be Afraid 07:21