Sarah's Sufferin' Succotash
A Tasty Mix for the 2010 NEDoD CD Swap

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Sarah probably won't get around to writing up notes, but she said I (Dave) could do a few for her. I've got three anecdotes to share.

The very first mix CD she ever made for me, A Taste of Sarah, included "Melting" on it. When we were making our mixes for the swap I figured it was obvious that she would include Tristan, but initially her reaction was much like a motorcyclist who has found a great but obscure road — she wanted to keep it a secret just for herself. It made me feel twice as special that she had put it on the first CD for me, and I'm glad she finally decided to share Tristan with the rest of you.

When we sat down to watch the movie Once, we hadn't even made it to the end of the first scene before she was ready to eject the DVD and pass on the whole film because she expected it was going to be yet another Irish movie with a bunch of blokes speaking in unintelligble brogues the whole way through. Fortunately she gave it enough of a chance to watch a little more and ended up loving it. We bought the soundtrack immediately after finishing the movie.

As I mentioned in the notes for Tale's Spin, you can fill a CD with tracks titled "Jump". Making that gimmick CD was how I first found James McKenna, and now Sarah is introducing him to you. He's a New Englander who served on the USS Enterprise before attending UMass Boston for his music degree.

Sarah's goal with her mix was to provide a little more estrogen balance to a swap that was over 85% male. She also likes heavy rock/metal and hip-hop quite a bit but figured most of the guys already knew most of those bands, although she did include Seether and Wyclef Jean "because they're just great songs". She hopes that if you don't particularly dig her mix then maybe your wives and girlfriends will.

1Feel ThisBethany Joy Galeotti feat. EnationSingleRock3:51
2Fast CarWyclef Jean feat. Paul SimonCarnival, Vol. II: Memoirs of an ImmigrantHip-Hop/Rap4:04
3WastedLow vs DiamondLow vs DiamondAlternative3:52
4I'm Not Okay (I Promise)My Chemical RomanceThree Cheers For Sweet RevengeAlternative3:11
5Fake ItSeetherFinding Beauty In Negative SpacesAlternative3:14
6Letters from the SkyCivil TwilightCivil TwilightAlternative4:35
7TreesMarty Casey & LovehammersMarty Casey & LovehammersRock3:35
8Plastic FlowersThe CheeseCMJ (Vol 40)Rock3:58
9JumpJames McKennaSeven CigarettesPop3:08
10Sweet About MeGabriella CilmiLessons to be LearnedPop3:22
11SteerMissy HigginsOn a Clear NightPop3:50
12How Lucky We AreMeikoMeikoSinger/Songwriter2:57
14MeltingTristan Prettymant w e n t y t h r e e Singer/Songwriter3:40
15Falling SlowlyGlen Hansard & Marketa IrglovaOnceSoundtrack4:04
16Oh BoyDuffyRockferryPop2:31
17One and OnlyTeiturPoetry & AeroplanesRock2:52
18EverythingMaterial IssueDestination UniversePop3:52
19Comes and Goes (In Waves)Greg LaswellThree Flights from Alto NidoRock4:14
20Existentialism On Prom NightStraylight RunStraylight RunAlternative4:04
21Busy BeeUgly Kid JoeAmerica's Least WantedRock4:11

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