Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a PC video game in the "massively multiplayer online role-playing game" (aka MMORPG) genre pioneered by Ultima Oline and EverQuest. It is set in a futuristic science-fiction world instead of in a medievalish fantasy world like its predecessors. This is a hugely complex game, with four different character races and fourteen different player professions. I know some players who have played for hundreds of hours and still feel like there is a lot to learn about the world of Rubi-Ka. It is my goal with these pages to help others benefit from some of the things I have learned along the way.


Obsolete Documents

These are a bit obsolete, but I have kept them for historical records.

My Characters

When I started playing AO in February 2002, I thought I would stick with just one character but rather soon decided I wanted to try out each of the races and most of the professions to see what each had to offer. They are listed below in the order I created them. Many were created just to have a character to play at a comparable level to friends, so I could team up with them. I also have a few more rarely played characters to fill out the full set of professions. Bima

Which one do I like the best? Hard to say, I've never been good with picking favorites. (But honestly, I've been leaning toward Bima for a few months now and consider him to be my "main" character.)

Laslingis was intended to be my main character, but like many first characters people play, I made a lot of stupid choices with him and wasted a lot of skill points down stupid paths. His combat abilities were not so great, and regular combat is the only meaningful way to gain levels unfortunately. The skill reset that was available to all players for a few weeks helped him a lot, skill-wise, but at the moment he isn't capturing my interest as someone I want to actively play, even though I'd like to get his levels up more to improve his ability to buff others.

Golly was very useful at low levels because he is a tank. He can stand in the front row of the battle and take a lot of punishment as teammates stay back unharmed. I fear he might not be too great at higher levels, though, as other classes have spells that will severely hamper his melee attacks. I also developed him badly for a little while because I didn't really fully understand the game mechanics. The skill reset was very helpful, since I was able to set him up much better with the knowledge I'd gained about the game. He is a lot more fun to play now.

Whatsamatta was my primary character for a long time. He's cool because of his ability to create "pets". In just the starting area alone I was able to gain 6 levels in about an hour with barely ever getting into direct melee combat. The "Anger Manifestation" starting pet combined with the ranged spell "Mind Pain" did most of the damage, far more that Laslingis did with his dirt-shooting shotgun. The MP is one of the easier classes to use solo against monsters and NPCs for experience. In the higher levels of the game, though, the pets stop getting better and their poor abilities in finding their way around start to make the profession a bit frustrating. (Note: That comment was written before Shadowlands; MPs got new pets and got pretty uber again.)

Bima, standing in the picture to the right, has been a lot of fun. As a fixer he has access to a special travel network around the planet that no other profession has direct access to, and he runs insanely fast for his level. Blitzing missions by running through them as fast as possible to reach the goal, while picking up all sort of enemies trying to chase him down and kill him, is a real rush. (No pun intended.) I currently play Bima more than any other. (This comment was also written before Shadowlands; Fixers became a lot less fun in Shadowlands.)

Each breed and class has its strong points and weak points. They all seem to be very well balanced when combined in teams.

Props to my friend Ashram who was a huge help in getting me acclimated to the game, spending many hours by my side as Greymatta, a high level metaphysicist who showed me the ropes and kept me healed in battle.


I used to have several screenshot thumbnails on this page, but have moved them to their own page to speed loading here. I also have some screenshots of bugs on another page.


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