Armour Table Screenshots

In the Armour Table and Cloaks Table, you can see by the gaps in the "Pic" column that several types do not yet have screenshots available. You can help correct that and live out your fantasy to become a famous supermodel at the same time!

If you have a complete set of a particular armour type that you can wear, please take several screenshots while wearing it, and only it. If it doesn't have coverage for a particular area, like lack of martial arts gloves and helmet, then don't wear anything there. If it is a cloak, be sure to take off your boots and gloves. Cancel buffs that have a visible effect. The goal is to get a shot that has the appearance of the armour in its purest form. Tank armour over other armour would be ok, but hey, try to be fashionable and wear a coordinated set. Sunglasses are fashionable, so feel free to wear them if the armour has no helmet.

Three shots are desired, one from the front, one from the back, and one from roughly 45 degrees oblique. Lighting in AO can be a bit of a problem, so try to be mindful of how dark your setting is and where the sun is if you are outside. Some good places for images include in front of walls in non-industrial towns (eg, Tir, West Athen, Stret West Bank, Stolts Outpost), inside Clan shops, in front of hills, across from the Borealis whompas, by the central pillar in Neutral Advanced/Superior shops, or inside stand-alone implants shops. The last one has such a very bright background, though, that the more subtle background colours are preferred.

Email me (Bima) with the individual screen shots. You can send either links to the shots or send them as attachments, I have no preference.

Thanks for contributing!