Bima's Fixer Implant Layout

Shining Bright Faded Requires
EYE Vehicle Airborne Psychological Modifications Time & Space Sense
HEAD Sensory Improvement & Modification Ranged Initiative Sense Psychic
EAR Perception Psychology Psychological Modifications Sense
RIGHT ARM MG & SMG Chemical AC Radiation AC Agility
CHEST Max Health Matter Metamorphosis MG & SMG Stamina
LEFT ARM   Strength Matter Metamorphosis Stamina
RIGHT WRIST Ranged Initiative Burst   Stamina
WAIST Chemical AC Max Health Biological Metamorphosis Sense
LEFT WRIST Multiple Ranged Weapons Run Speed Nano Resist Agility
RIGHT HAND Trap Disarmament MG & SMG Burst Agility
LEG Dodge Ranged Attacks Evade Close Combat Max Health Agility
LEFT HAND   Fire Armor-Class First Aid Stamina
FEET Evade Close Combat Agility Duck Explosions Agility

Apoloogies in advance for a lot of information here that I really need to work on presenting in a better format. When I find some more free time, I'll do so.

First things first: if you don't have Nano Nanny, get it. The base table for this page was generated from Nano Nanny after the implant set was designed in it. You can also download Bima's Nano Nanny file to use directly with the program. I've linked some other character's Nano Nanny files at the end of this page.

In my opinion, every fixer should always max Agility, Intelligence, Sense and Stamina for their trickle down properties to important fixer skills, no matter what breed. Thus only the head implant above should have an issue with its requirement, since most fixers rarely touch Psychic. By leaving the faded cluster out of the head, its requirement will become Agility.

The bulk of this plan is good for every level of fixer, with just some minor tweaking at a couple of life stages. A young fixer would more likely want to put Run Speed into the Right Wrist instead of Ranged Initiative, and perhaps more Breaking & Entering to get into the fixer shop and the fixer grid at the earliest possible levels. Newbie fixers should also know that the Run Speed change would make the Right Wrist identical to the one available in the pre-made implant shop. The Right Arm, Left Arm, Left Wrist, Right Hand, and Feet are all also essentially the same as the pre-made implants, and the difference in the Left Hand of Fire AC vs Trap Disarmament is of little consequence.

Up until I title-capped SMG at level 125, I used a Bright Time & Space cluster in my Right Hand. This worked very effectively for me, because Time & Space costs a lot to raise, whereas I maxed SMG every level. I still always had a good attack rating for my level and a very well-equipped gun, such as the QL183 MCS I put on at level 88. Title 4 cap was a good time to make the change to SMG though, and at level 140 I could self-buff a Manex December without needing to bother with special buffing equipment, just nanos and social clothes. To do that also required a swap from Breaking & Entering in my Left Arm to Strength, the only other way my current implant layout was different from what I used up until title 4 caps.

One particular feature of this layout is that it boosts PsyMod, SenseImp and MatMet evenly, presuming all the implants are of similar quality level. These three nanoskills are the ones that a fixer will need to have the highest to execute the top nanoprograms. (Update: with the advent of the patch that added root and snare breakers, the top nanos now need 264 more T&S, 173 more SenseImp, and 84 more PsyMod. I have not refigured what would be neccessary to cast them. 960 SenseImp is very high and is not really attainable for a fixer without a tower or mochams.)

The Agility in the Feet is arguable, since it conflicts with Dodge Ranged. I like to have Agility there because of its trickle-down, and also because it can make equipping various items easier, including these implants. I doubt I'll ever change it to Dodge Ranged, because having it allows me to self-equip QL200 Cyborg Death Squad armour at Solitus breed cap. If I were Opifex, though, I'd probably switch it after I capped Agility.

For a good long while I had Tutoring in my Eye and Ear because I actually used the skill on other characters and at a couple of earlier stages in Bima's career (for example, when I was a couple of points short of 251 Comp Lit when doing the Fixer Grid quest). It has the real downside of making the Eye be Intelligence requirement though, so for most people it would be better to have an Eye with either Vehicle Airborne for Sense req or Rifle for Stamina req, the latter of which will help if you want to slap on buffing rifles or a T.I.M. scope. I switched from Tutoring to Psychology in my Ear for both using a taunter and tower building and it would also help with putting on DeCranum's armour. A PvPer might prefer to have Concealmean in the ear.

Matter Creation does not appear anywhere because I am not a Grid Armor fixer, but even if I were, I would not implant it, and I hear from several GA fixers that they don't.

As mentioned above, Psychic is kind of a rough req for a fixer implant, so you can make the head require Agility by dropping either the bright Ranged Init or the faded Sense. Not only that, you can make the others that require Sense pretty easily be either Agility or Stamina, which in general makes them easier to equip. All it loses is Vehicle Airborne from the Eye, Perception from the Ear, and Chem AC from the Waist, not things I would consider terribly important at low to mid levels.

For some ideas about how to shoe-horn yourself into the highest quality implants you can manage, see my Sample Plan for Installing QL200 Implants at Early Levels, which demonstrated how Bima was able to get into several QL200 implants at level 88.

Other Nano Nanny Files

Here are the Nano Nanny files of some other fixers, along with the intended QL. If you would like to have your file here, please send it to me, and send me a separate note to let me know you did just in case my simplistic mail filtering decided your file was an undesired binary.