Anarchy Online Scriptable Chat Options


Want to turn chat output on or off via a script, so as to reduce spam during big battles but enable more feedback in smaller encounters? You can use the /option command in scripts to set the various choices in the F10->Chat panel.

Unfortunately, finding out what the names of those options are is a bit of a pain, so I did some digging and figured them all out. The name for the one that sets "My pets hit by/hitting others" is entirely nonintuitive.

Listed below is a sample script that will turn off all of the possible options, in the order they are listed in the F10->Chat panel. I call this script "chatmin". I also have a "chatmax", which has all of the options set to 1 to turn them on, "chatnorm", which sets the options as I normally like to have them, and "chatlow" which is almost just like chatmin but leaves on Received XP (of course!) and my own hits.

/option MeHitByNanoToChat 0
/option OtherHitByNanoToChat 0
/option MonsterHitMeToChat 0
/option PlayerHitMeToChat 0
/option MeHitOtherToChat 0
/option OtherHitOtherToChat 0
/option OtherHitOtherMyPetToChat 0
/option MissesToChat 0
/option MeHealedToChat 0
/option MeGotXpToChat 0
/option JapaneseToChat 0
/option YouHealedToChat 0
/option GotHealedToChat 0
/option PlayerIncreasedNanoToChat 0
/option GotNanoIncreaseToChat 0
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