AO's Premade Implant Shops

This page describes the implants that are available at the premade implant kiosks in the basic general stores. Since there is no kiosk for Keepers (update: I hear that one has been added, but I'm not active in AO at the moment so have not taken the time to see its stock), it also includes my recommendation for implants that make acceptable Keeper implants. They aren't what I think are the best Keeper implants, but then few of the premades are really the best for their supposed professions anyway. There are no Keeper annotations for Right Arm or Left Arm because none of the premade implants have 2H Edged in them and I think those two locations really should have 2H Edged.

The tables are arranged in the order of implant slots on the implant panel in the game. Within the table, for lack of any clearly better way of arranging things I have listed them in the order of the kiosks going around the room from the first on the right when you enter. After the implant tables is a table that show the quality levels available, their requirements, and what bonuses they provide.

Eye Head Ear
Right Arm Chest Left Arm
Right Wrist Waist Left Wrist
Right Hand Leg Left Hand
Quality Levels Buffs

ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
Tutoring Psycho Mod Time & Space Int MP, MA
Tutoring Comp Lit Matter Crea Int NT
Tutoring Sensory Imp Time & Space Int Fixer (Keeper)
Tutoring Intelligence Time & Space Int Eng
  Sensory Imp Matter Crea Psy Enf
  Treatment Matter Crea Int Doc
Elec Eng Psycho Mod Time & Space Int Crat
Rifle Psycho Mod Time & Space Agi Agent
  Heavy Weapons Matter Crea Agi Adv
Map Nav Psycho Mod Time & Space Sen Trader
Aimed Shot Ranged Energy Assault Rifle Agi Sol

ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
Matter Crea Nano Pool Sense Int MP
First Aid Dimach Sense Sen MA
Matter Crea Nano Pool   Psy NT
Psychic Nano Pool Tutoring Int Fixer
Matter Crea Nano Pool Tutoring Int Eng, Crat
Bio Met   Sense Agi Enf
Bio Met Nano Pool Sense Int Doc
Sensory Imp Ranged Init Sense Psy Agent
Bio Met Map Nav Sense Int Adv
Psycho Mod Ranged Init Sense Int Trader (Keeper)
Ranged Energy Ranged Init   Agi Sol

ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
  Tutoring Intelligence Int MP, Eng, Doc
  Tutoring Psycho Mod Int MA
Perception Tutoring Intelligence Sen NT, Adv, Trader (Keeper)
  Tutoring Psychic Int Fixer
  Concealment Psycho Mod Agi Enf, Sol
  Psychology Psycho Mod Int Crat
Perception Concealment Psycho Mod Sen Agent

Right Arm
ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
1h Blunt Chem AC Rad AC Str MP
Strength Phys Init Rad AC Sta MA
MG / SMG Chem AC Rad AC Agi Fixer
1h Blunt Brawling Fast Attack Str Enf
2h Blunt Brawling Fast Attack Str Enf
Breaking & Entering Chem AC Rad AC Agi Doc
Shotgun Chem AC Mech Eng Agi Crat
Fling Shot Swimming Mech Eng Agi Agent
1H Edged Brawling Fast Attack Agi Adv
Shotgun Chem AC Rad AC Agi Trader
Assault Rifle Swimming Rad AC Agi Sol

ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
Nano Pool Mat Met Sensory Imp Psy MP, NT
Dimach Bio Met Sensory Imp Psy MA
Max Health Mat Met Sensory Imp Sta Fixer, Adv
Nano Pool Bio Met NanoC Init Psy Eng
Max Health Mat Met 2H Blunt Sta Enf
Max Health Mat Met Max Nano Sta Doc
Nano Pool Bio Met Sensory Imp Psy Crat, Agent (Keeper)
Stamina Mat Met Strength Sta Trader
Max Health Projectile AC Max Nano Sta Sol

Left Arm
ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
  Breaking & Entering Mat Met Agi MP, Fixer, Crat, Agent
Brawling Strength Phys Init Str MA
    Mat Met Int NT, Eng
Brawling 2H Blunt Mat Met Str Enf
  Strength Mat Met Sta Doc, Trader, Soldier
Brawling Strength Mat Met Str Adv

Right Wrist
ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
Run Speed 1H Blunt Multi Melee Agi MP
Riposte Nano Resist   Psy MA
Pistol Nano Resist Fling Agi NT, Eng, Doc
Run Speed Burst   Sta Fixer
Run Speed Nano Resist Multi Melee Agi Enf (Keeper)
Run Speed 1H Blunt Multi Melee Agi Enf
Ranged Init Nano Resist Fling Shot Agi Crat
Ranged Init Rifle Fling Shot Agi Agent
Parry 1H Edged Multi Melee Agi Adv
Pistol Multi Ranged Fling Shot Agi Adv
Ranged Init Burst Fling Shot Agi Trader
Run Speed Burst Fling Shot Agi Sol

ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
Chem AC Max Nano Bio Met Sen MP (Keeper)
Rad AC Max Health Evade Close Sen MA
  Max Nano Bio Met Psy NT, Eng
Fire AC Max Health Stamina Sta Fixer
Cold AC Max Health Brawling Sta Enf
Chem AC Max Nano Stamina Sen Doc
Rad AC Max Nano Shotgun Sen Crat
  Duck Explosions Bio Met Agi Agent
    Brawling Str Adv
Chem AC Sense Agility Sen Adv
Chem AC Max Nano Shotgun Sen Trader
Cold AC Max Health Stamina Sta Sol

Left Wrist
ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
Multi Melee Run Speed Nano Resist Agi MP, Enf, Adv
  Run Speed Nano Resist Agi MA, NT, Fixer, Doc, Sol (Keeper)
    Nano Resit Psy Eng
Multi Ranged Run Speed Nano Resist Agi Crat, Trader
  Run Speed Rifle Agi Agent

Right Hand
ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
  Time & Space 1H Blunt Int MP
Martial Arts First Aid Treatment Agi MA
  Matter Crea Comp Lit Int NT
  Time & Space Burst Int Fixer
  Time & Space Treatment Int Eng, Crat (Keeper)
  Matter Crea 1H Blunt Int Enf
  Matter Crea Treatment Int Enf, Doc
  Time & Space Comp Lit Int Agent
  Fast Attack 1H Edged Agi Adv
Trap Disarm Pistol Burst Agi Adv
Trap Disarm Time & Space Comp Lit Agi Trader
  Assault Rifle Burst Agi Sol

ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
Agility Stamina Run Speed Sta MP
Agility Evade Close Max Health Sta MA, Trader (Keeper)
Dodge Ranged Evade Close Body Dev Agi NT
Agility Evade Close   Agi Eng, Agent
Dodge Ranged Evade Close Max Health Agi Enf, Doc (Keeper)
Agility Evade Close Body Dev Sta Crat
Agility Melee Init Max Health Sta Adv
Agility Stamina Max Health Sta Sol

Left Hand
ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
  Fire AC First Aid Sta MP, Doc, Crat, Trader, Sol
  Fire AC Martial Arts Sta MA
  Trap Disarm First Aid Agi NT, Fixer, Agent
    First Aid Sen Eng
Fast Attack Fire AC Cold AC Agi Enf
Fast Attack Trap Disarm First Aid Agi Adv (Keeper)

ShiningBrightFaded Ability RequiredKiosk
Evade Close Agility Duck Explosions Agi MP, Fixer, Eng, Enf, Trader, Sol
Phys Init Martial Arts Duck Explosions Agi MA
Evade Close Dodge Ranged Duck Explosions Agi NT, Doc, Crat
Concealment Agility Duck Explosions Agi Agent
Melee Init Agility Duck Explosions Agi Adv (Keeper)

Benefit Provided
Quality Level Requirements SkillsAbilities
TreatmentCore Ability ShiningBrightFaded ShiningBrightFaded
10 5424 10 6 4 7 4 3
20 10144 15 9 6 10 6 4
30 14864 20 12 8 12 7 5
50 242104 30 18 12 17 10 7
75 361154 43 25 17 24 14 9
100 479204 55 33 22 30 18 12

The most elementary treatment buffing, without special items or stepping implants, adds up like this:

The most common non-self ability buffs beyond the standard +12: