Anarchy Online Screenshots

These are screenshots I just thought were fun or interesting looking. I also have some screenshots of bugs on another page.

Behold the beauty of the Fixer Grid
I use the third one as my laptop background now.
Fixer Grid View 1 Fixer Grid View 2
Fixer Grid View 3 Fixer Grid View 4

Patch 15.4 removed the wonderful trippy colouring of the Anti-Molokhs of Adonis. Fortunately I snapped of shot of a big kitty (Golly) admiring one before the change, and so it is preserved here for posterity. Some of the colourful ones still appear in Inferno.

Golly and teammates at the Crater Here is Golly looking all sparkly as his team enters the crater west of Tir in the middle of the night. Greymatta's pet, Bandaid, is nearby ready to heal party members, and our real-life friends Amarthdur (an agent) and Khathryn (a soldier) are ready to provide supporting fire. Poisynatra is a doctor who we met in the training grounds and turned out to be a pretty good partner, especially when Bandaid was not around. I like this shot because of its moody ambience.

Penumbra Hollows Penumbra Hollows Penumbra Hollows sure is a pretty place, but I suspect many players never go in there and really see it. You get in there by entering a door from The Pipe, either on the west or the east. If you descend a level from the hallways you really get to see how neat it is.
Suns setting over Fair Trade Rubi-Ka is in a binary solar system, and the sunrises and sunsets can be quite beautiful. The suns rise in the north and set in the south, and here is a view of the central market of Fair Trade one fine morning in Tir.
Cheerleet While fighting in Inferno in kitty form (with the bobbing camera) and in first person view, every three seconds I would bounce down and get a brief face full of this. Stop looking at me like that, you're freaking me out!
Triple Plumber Not many people get to see Tri Plumbo, even after he was nerfed to not drop the Rust-Pitted Ring. He lives in the sewers of the Biomare static dungeon, and still gets killed pretty soon after every spawn by people hoping for a Corroded Ring. Alas, he didn't drop any ring for me.
They call him Tim T.I.M. is the Slayerdroid at the end of the Biomare dungeon, and as a special monster he is a difficult fight for his purported level of 100. For the targetted character levels of the rest of the dungeon, he is pretty much impossible. He sometimes drops a scope which is coveted by many people because it raises Ranged Initiative.
Sitting on a Park Bench Almohada and Laslingis relax one evening outside of Fair Trade in Tir, watching the spectacle of humanity and helping out our fellow partners in the strife against Omni-Tek to the best of our buffing ability.
Lamb's Place This is from an org raid on Agent Lamb, looking at the spot where he spawns. I thought it was kinda cool how Fals's droid was standing guard at the front of us. We all miss Fals ... hey dude, if you read this, come back to the game!
Playtrox That Ninj00 sure is a fashion plate. Vote Ninj00 for Playtrox of the Year!
AI Announcement Gathering AI Announcement Gathering Here is the crowd that gathered on Old Athen hill as an announcement for Alien Invasion came across the server that, "Friends the time has come... we must gather as one people... Make your way to either outside Newland, Old athen hill or Southern end of Rome Red...". The large number of people who did crashed the Old Athen zone repeatedly, all just to see a hologram of Philip Ross. Omg, teh excitement.
Almohada high above Stret West Bank This is Almohada, an Opifex Agent, atop the highest building in Stret West Bank. We had a mission up there and it took us something like an hour to figure out that we could get all the way to the top to find the entrance to the mission. We searched repeatedly inside the bar Reet Retreat thinking maybe the mission was somewhere in there. Classic newbies.
Amarthdur sneaking I took this shot by accident as my fingers stumbled around the keyboard in my first few days of playing. It shows Amarthdur, another Opifex Agent, in "sneaking" mode, from which he can make a sniper's aimed shot with his rifle. Golly, standing in front of him, would still pound him into a pulp anyway, even though they were both level 1. The perspective of this shot amused me.
Sparkles Almo really likes being sparkly, having the offensive shield that deals damage back to attackers automatically. We like her sparkly because it enhances her bust line, which is not quite as obvious in the picture as it is in the animated world. What is obvious is that her helmet makes her head look like an eraser. Whether this is better or worse than looking like a bug, as Volttron does, is clearly a matter of personal preference.
Into the belly of the beast We got a mission that took us into the strangest area we'd seen yet, where we had to walk up the tongue of a giant beast (innocuously behind a normal looking door in Tir) and past its fearsome teeth. For some reason Almo thought this would be a nice place to stand and ask for her picture to be taken. Brave woman. I did not get to frame it as well as I would have liked because as I was trying to set it up our companions ran down the throat and engaged some Rookie Poachers that basically smacked down our asses. We all died. Thankfully death is not a permanent condition in Rubi-Ka.
Nice Birdy Keithr and Msaka, two members of the Souls of Eternity, sit with teammate Golly in Old Athen East, preparing for their next mission against the forces of Omni-Tek. Msaka has made himself into a bird, which Golly is quite entranced with.

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