Anarchy Online Screenshots, Bugs

Bad Mission Key After trekking out to the wastes of Avalon, I was unable to enter the mission we'd just pulled, with a message indicating the server thought maybe the key was bad somehow. This wasn't the first time I ever saw the message, but usually getting it just an annoyance, not fatal, as it proved to be in the next screenshot. There was a Ninjadroid hot on my butt when that bad key happened, and zoning into the mission was to be my salvation. Imagine my despair when I did not zone.
Bad Reckless Digitization I think that maybe the Ninjadroid had pathing issues right around then, which worked in my favour, but as you can see from the first screenshot a new mob decided I might make a nice lunch. As a Fixer, I have just the right nano for that situation, Reckless Digitization to put me quickly and safely in the grid.

The second shot shows that didn't happen though. I took the damage for it, as expected, and got an "executed successfully" message. But I never zoned! As you can tell from the amount of unknown damage I took, I had in excess of 2700 hitpoints when I executed the nano. The HoT ticked for 112, bringing me to 113 total. The Vulture's hit for 109 thus didn't kill me and I had another HoT tick for 66. Then finally had another hit for 83 to finish me off. This happened over the space of a couple of seconds, enough time to type a message to my team, so it was not some instantaneous "the mob managed to sneak in a hit at the exact right moment". (Yeah, the Vulture I probably could have just killed ... but that Ninjadroid was around, who would surely have killed me.)

Spammed Damage Spammed Damage This is the heart-stopping experience a Meta-Physicist sometimes gets when they use the "mez" pet (really a stun pet). The battle can end and all of a sudden dozens of lines of damage appear in a split-second. The client-side of the program thinks you're dead, or nearly so, and moves you in horribly slow motion accordingly. Quite a shocking event, and makes you extremely vulnerable to whatever enemies are still alive around. Fortunately the bug has been fixed.

Nice Pathing

While roaming around Belial Forest hunting up some dynabosses, Bima came across this pile of snakes. That isn't a graphics bug, it really is a couple dozen Massacre Pythons fanned out in a circle on the same point in the middle of a pond. Maybe it was performance art, but I suspect with their small reptilian brains it was just an inability to figure out how to move from that point.

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