Anarchy Online Symbiants

The tables on the following pages are organized in the order of the slots of the Implants tab of your gear window. Benefits for each slot are alphabetized. The benefit names are as they appear on Jayde's Anarchy Mainframe, where I got the data.

Adventurer Agent Bureaucrat Doctor
Enforcer Engineer Fixer
Keeper Martial-Artist Meta-Physicist
Nano-Technician Soldier Trader

I wanted a way to easily compare what benefits a profession got from the different types of symbiants available to it, and trying to just mentally compare them while flipping back and forth at Anarchy Mainframe or in Nillan's AO Skill Emulator just wasn't working out to well. I needed a different visualization, so I wrote a Perl script to generate tables with the benefits listed side-by-side.

While it suits what I originally wanted, there are admittedly two downsides to this particular view on the data. One is that the relative benefit of each skill is not shown, so that you really can't tell, for example, that the Perception boost in a Support ear is much greater than the Concealment boost in an Artillery ear. The other problem is that you can't see what quality levels of each type of symbiant are available, so that even though you might prefer an Artillery Chest to a Support Chest for the benefits each provides, the next jump up from a QL200 Artillery is QL250 which is (nearly?) impossible to equip but perhaps you could get into a QL240 Support chest for bigger, although different, boosts.

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