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S38 E146 - East of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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The original photos were a bit dark, so I've artificially brightened them. I arrived a little before sunset and thought there was more light than there really was; the pictures looked a lot clearer in the LCD of my Kodak DC260. Because of the poor set of photos, this confluence is worth visiting again. It is very close to a road, just 15m from the roadside.

Northwest down a hill from the confluence is a pond, about an acre in size.
Looking east back up to the road, you can see the barbed wire fence that is just a few feet north of the confluence.
Finally got an in-focus, properly aimed shot of the GPS three minutes after sunset, after a more than ten minutes of trying.
The somewhat dense foliage – this view is southeast – was causing poor GPS signal reception.
This is the view north from a spot 15 meters due east of the confluence. I'd parked the car further up because stopping on the curve of a narrow road seemed a poor idea.
The worrisome gas situation, almost 30km from the nearest petrol station.
About a kilometer west of the confluence, holsteins graze on the hillside, a scene characteristic of the dairy farms in the area.

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